Charanāmṛtham - Season 1 draws to a close. In this preliminary phase, the editions included sections for Children, basic and easy Sanskrit tutorials, sections from ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha Charithamrutham, elucidations and Tripura Rahasya. As the brief commentary and elucidation of Tripura Rahasya comes to a close, after 19 episodes, here, we are emerging into a new Season, with fresher layouts for the journal, in ways more interesting and productive for all of us. Going forward, more interactive and transforming sessions are expected, with His grace. Let's connect. Let's relax, contemplate and arise.... This is just a ferry, and we are all on this together.  Let's build a community of love - free from judgements, as we learn to keep the ego at bay and step in here, with love and only love for the Guru. Tvaṁ Dhanyaṁ Vadāmi (Thank you)
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